Our prior inexpensive paint job, unfortunately, lasted only about 4 years before giving up and allowing water to penetrate the cracked stucco finish applied over the top of a brick building.  We were looking for someone to correct the mistakes of the first attempt.

Joshua came twice to inspect the facades and provided a detailed bid with a generous warranty to back up their workmanship.  Although the bid was a bit higher than we had hoped, upon closer examination he proposed to do a very thorough job.  In the end, the strong warranty convinced us that he was confident his crew up to the task.

They began by hand-scraping and power grinding any loose material from the open cracks and then followed the paint shop specs by using approved caulking, a thick elastomeric primer, and two topcoats of acrylic paint.  Between coats, Joshua kept stopping by to check on the former leak inside and even went back for some additional crack repair before finishing the job to make sure the new coating was watertight.

The job site was kept clean and tidy throughout the project and we are much more confident of the durability of this work over the short prep and thin coats of the last paint job.

Although it is perhaps too early to comment on the performance of this coating, I would definitely recommend Shepard Painting going forward based on their professionalism and attention to detail.

  • Category: Masonry, Plastering, Painting – Exterior
  • Services Performed: Yes
  • Work Completed Date: 11/9/2018
  • Hire Again: Yes
Description Of Work

Prepped and painted two sides of a two-story old plastered brick building.

Service Provider Response

We enjoyed working with you on this project and are very pleased with the results. Thank you for your business!