The job took 5 days during the week. The men showed up on time. The were very careful and detailed. They did not damage any of my plantings and did not splatter paint anywhere (windows, walks, driveway, etc.).

They spent about 3 days washing, taping, and preparing for painting and two days actually painting. I was fairly picky in that I wanted them to paint the bottoms of my vertical siding, omit painting certain electrical and cable boxes on the side of the house, etc.

They were great – they listened to my requests and did them. I did not notice it, but my original paint job had one exterior door painted inconsistently with the other doors. I had told Shepard to paint exactly as the original color was done. After they had done this (exactly as I had asked), I noted the inconsistency and asked them to repaint the door – they happily did this at no charge.

Overall I was delighted with their work and will definitely use them again when I needed painting done.

  • Category: Painting – Exterior
  • Services Performed: Yes
  • Cost: $8500
  • Work Completed Date: 6/13/2009
  • Hire Again: Yes
Description Of Work

I had the exterior of my 4000sf, three level home painted. The paint on the house was in very good condition so there was very little repair work needed. I requested that they use the Sherwin Williams Duration paint which is rated by many as the best paint available. It has a lifetime warranty from the manufacturer and costs a bit more than other paints. I got three bids – $7900, $8500, and $9500. Shepard was the middle bid, but the reviews on Angie’s List were so great that I decided to spend the extra $600 – I am very pleased that I did.