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Residential House Painting Portland

Exterior & Interior painting Portland, OR

Shepard Painting is located in Lake Oswego, OR and provides exterior & interior residential house painting Portland, OR and surrounding areas.

Shepard Painting specializes in restoring paint on historical homes and provides top quality house painting services to newer homes.Our consistent education and testing on house painting techniques and new products, gives us the ability to provide you with the best paint products on the market.

In your complimentary house painting evaluation, we will show you what needs to be done and why. We will discuss expectations and possibilities of your exterior painting or interior painting project.

We guarantee a long lasting and good-looking house with our paint application using combined techniques of spray and hand brush work.

House Painting Color Consultation

Upon selecting Shepard Painting for your house painting project, you will receive a color consult from our designer to assist you in selecting the perfect color story for your home.

Clear Communication

During your house painting project, Shepard Painting will note all features and ‘issues’ that must be properly attended to ranging from pets, children, Koi ponds, and original stained glass windows that are irreplaceable. All of these things will be planned for, discussed prior with you, and protected by our conscientious painting crews. If we discover any rot or carpentry issues, you will be promptly made aware of these and provided options for its repair at a fair cost to you.

No Hidden House Painting Costs

No additional work is ever performed to the “agreed to project scope” without a signed work change order that outlines the work to be performed and pricing.   By following this process, you are never faced with any added costs you for which you have not already planned.

Residential House Painting Portland, OR

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