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The Architectural Heritage Center is a non-profit resource for historic preservation owned and operated by the Bosco-Milligan Foundation. As “home base” for heritage conservation in the Portland, Oregon metro area, the Architectural Heritage Center hosts dozens of programs, tours, and exhibits each year which help people appreciate and preserve older and historic buildings, neighborhoods, and traditional commercial areas.

The AHC is also steward of one of the largest collections of architectural artifacts in the United States, maintains a research library, and hosts art exhibits which honor the historic and creative legacy of its founders, Jerry Bosco and Ben Milligan. The work of the Architectural Heritage Center is made possible only through contributions from a community of members who support preservation of our historic building traditions, and the craftsmanship, culture, and environmental sustainability they represent.

Shepard Painting is a proud member and supporter of the Architectural Heritage Center.

For more than a decade, the Bosco-Milligan Foundation’s strong, ongoing commitment to preserving our regional architectural heritage has been based on the belief that vintage buildings and traditional neighborhoods are essential to the vitality and identity of our communities. Established in Portland, Oregon in 1987, the Bosco-Milligan Foundation is one of Oregon’s most active non-profit historic preservation organizations.


About 82% of the organization’s budget is given by individuals.




Architectural Heritage Center

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