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Viridian Window Restoration and Shepard Painting target old windows.

Viridian Window Restoration and Shepard Painting target old windows.

Shepard Painting and  Viridian Window Restoration have teamed up to restore old Portland windows! This strategic partnership with Viridian Window Restoration is perfect. Together they have restored and painted some of Portland’s most well known historic buildings, like The Chown Pella Lofts. Here’s Viridian’s story:

With over 15 years of successful historic restoration work on the East Coast, the patented Bi-Glass System® is now available in the Pacific Northwest! The Bi-Glass System® will replace single pane glass with high-quality insulated glass while still retaining your old sash, including divided lights! Reusing your old sash saves money and maintains the architectural integrity of your house or commercial property. After adding new weather-stripping and locks (or keeping your old locks if they’re in good shape), you will have a truly energy-efficient window unit that will keep you warm in the winter and cool in the summer.

There are a number of options for balancing your sashes once the glass has been replaced with new energy efficient insulated glass units:

  • You can keep the original sash weights and pulleys! We will replace any broken components and install new sash cords and some added weight to compensate for the heavier double pane glass. This option is our preference as we are historic preservationists at heart!
  • The next option is installing new spring tape balances. Tape balances have been used for over a hundred years and take the place of the weight and pulley system. They are mounted in the pulley holes and have a flat spring tape that replaces the sash cord. This system is good for large windows. With this option the weight pockets can be insulated.
  • Another option is installing new invisible spring balances. With this option the sash cords are removed along with the sash weights and the empty pocket is insulated.
  • Finally, you can install vinyl jamb liners that allow you to tilt the window out for easy cleaning & painting. This requires a portion of the sash to be cut away to allow for the jamb liner. In some cases this option may be the most convenient. As with the 2nd and 3rd options above, the weight pocket can be insulated.

Click on Technical Details for more specifics on how the Bi-Glass System® can give your old windows new life.

Viridian Windows and Shepard Painting are a perfect combination for your old Portland home!



You probably can’t replace your old wooden sashes! What we mean is that wooden replacement sashes are made from sustainable growth forests (which is good), but this “new” wood is generally not as hearty or rot resistant as your original, old growth pine or fir sashes.


As an experiment, count the growth rings on one of your old sashes (chances are there will be 25, or even 35 or more!), then count the growth rings on a new replacement sash (you may see no more than 8-10 rings). In other words, your old windows are truly irreplaceable!


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